At Stockholm Skavsta Airport you will find various parking options.
All parkings are enclosed and partly CCTV monitored.

Parking options at Skavsta

On arrival to the car park

Did you prebook? Follow the separate instructions in you booking confirmation email.

If you have not pre-booked, please do as follow:

  • Drive to the parking bar.
  • Insert your credit card
  • Park the car
  • Put the same credit card at the exit parking bar after picking up your car.

If you know when you arrive that you want to pay by cash.

  • Press the button for ticket
  • Park the car
  • Bring the ticket and pay your parking fee in the terminal before picking up the car.

If you have any trouble, please press the telephone button on the automat at the entry/exit barrier.

Maximum height exits:

  • Long-term Standard (P3):  3,6 m (middle exit)

Booking conditions:
The campaign rates above are only valid for parking in the periods given.
These rates are only available if you PRE-BOOK your parking.
Limited number of spaces available at this rate.
Pre-booking must be done at the latest 23.00 the day before you arrive to the car park.

Pre-book your parking here

Long-term parking signage

Drop-off zone

The airport drop-off zone is situated opposite the Short-Term / Hourly parking. Drop-off here is free of charge, but the car must only stop to let off passengers and luggage.

If you are awaiting an arriving passenger, or accompany a departing passanger to the Terminal please park at the Short-term / Hourly parking.

The area is monitored by a parking guard, to ensure that flows run as smoothly as possible.

Hourly parking (short-term)

The Hourly parking is located just 50 meters from the airport terminal. This parking is dedicated for pick-up of passengers and for temporary visitors to the airport.

Parking is allowed for maximum 6 hours. SEK1/minute, minimum charge SEK10. For longer stays, please use any of the Terminal Premium (P1) or Long-term Standard (P3) car parks.

Parking for Disabled

Parking dedicated for vehicles with disabled permits is located just 30 metres from the airport terminal.

Enter the car park via the entrance barrier on Hangarvägen (just after the Long-term Car Park and the Indoor Car Park). Follow the signs to the Car Park for Disabled (2nd exit on the right hand side) and use a free parking space. Note that your original Disabled parking permit must be presented in the windscreen of your vehicle, or a photocopy issued and signed by Stockholm Skavsta Airport Information on each occation. No other photocopies allowed.

Anyone with a disabled parking permit can park at the disable parking, and pay long-term fee (campaign rates not applicable).

You can also pre-book your parking here to a lower rate.

For more information about the airport service for disabled, click here.

Hotel parking

For guests at Connect Hotel at Stockholm Skavsta Airport, there are reserved parking spaces at the Terminal Car Park just next to the hotel to a special rate. No pre-booking needed.

See the airport area map for directions to the Terminal Car Park.

On arrival to the airport, please do as follow:

  • Drive up to the barrier at the Terminal Car Park and press for ticket.
  • Give the entrance gate ticket to the hotel front desk.
  • Keep the ticket you receive from the hotel front desk and put it in the wind shield of your car.
  • Use the ticket for payment when you exit the car park, either by using the pay stations in the airport terminal (cash or credit card) or by credit card at the exit barrier.

Connect hotel

Hotel parking rates

Days Total price Rate per day
1 85 85
2 170 85
3 255 85
4 340 85
5 410 70
6 480 70
7 540 60
8 590 50
14 890 40
21 1 170 40


Car wash

Get your car washed while you are in the air. The car wash is situated in the Indoor Car Park.

Call Skavsta Car Wash and book: +46 (0)76-328 33 74


The gas station ST1 (unmanned) are situaed next to the Long-term car park.


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